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WestWind Challenge forms a platform for an annual, international event for the fossil-free transportation of the future

Let’s park fossil fuels. Permanently.
Westwind Challenge is an annual event that will take place in the windy Danish Municipality of Ringkøbing Skjern. It consists of three different events; a challenge, a professional symposium, and a public festival culminating in Northern Europe’s largest, digital living laboratory for fossil fuel-free transportation.

The goal is not only to raise awareness of fossil-free transport at the physical site, but to also create a digital event that allows everyone to participate regardless of geography.

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WestWind Challenge
is an ambitious project.

It has to be, because we believe that it will be an attractive and relevant venue for top global stakeholders, researchers and innovative environments within fossil-free transportation and related industries as well as an attractive and exclusive event to be associated with in a time where the global community is facing a disruptive green transition in the transport sector. We estimate the first WestWind Challenge to take place in may 2022 and until then we have several milestones to pass.