What’s going on?

WestWind Challenge consist of three inspiring activities that form a unique event that is a celebration of science, innovation, suspense and lots of fun and inspiring activities for everyone involved.



Public Festival


We believe that competition is a key parameter when dealing with development and distribution of fossil-free transportation. The plan is to create a thrilling challenge where different competitions illustrate how to race while reducing the impact of transport on the climate.

The competitors will be a mix of celebrities, professional drivers and university students who will be competing in electrical vehicles from leading manufacturers. The entertainment aspect is important, and the goal is to attract not only the best students, the best car drivers, but also international celebrities with an interest in the cause.


The symposium complements the Westwind Challenge by inviting top speakers with in-depth knowledge of sustainable alternatives to fossil fuelled transportation.

Among the speakers and participants are highly skilled people from the automotive, charging, and energy industries joining leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and legislators joined by prominent opinion formers.

The general framework for the symposium is a forum where we seek to find answers and solutions for relevant issues: e.g improving charging infrastructure, energy storage, energy grid, up/recycling batteries, digital trends, international best practice cases, behavioural design.

The symposium is for professionals only.


A great opportunity to try out and test new solutions for today and tomorrow – and at the same time have lots of fun and hopefully mind-blowing experiences.

It is an alternative and entertaining way to learn about fossil-free transportation and perhaps something that will make everyone reconsider their own behaviour in terms of sustainability. The goal is to actively start a change ofbehaviour right here, right now, and to move people andsocieties away from fossil fuelled transportation.

The general framework for the public festival is an event where we stage the transportation of tomorrow, create a digital community and movement, utilize spill-over from the symposium through top talks and inspirational speakers.
Everyone gets to join in the fun; citizens, scientists, the industry, students, and legislators.